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Our Story

At Cidentro cider house we believe in using the best apples to create the best tasting cider. Our journey started with a family interest in cider making and an orchard of 540 cider apple trees that we planted on our farm in Melton Mowbray. We watched the trees grow and eagerly awaited our first harvest made up of seven different apple varieties each with their own unique flavour characteristics.
Our goal was to produce a cider that was 100% juice, high quality and distinct in flavour, so we spent time experimenting with different blends to produce a mixture of styles. We found blending to be one of the most fascinating skills of a cider maker because each cider apple falls into one of four different styles - Bittersweets, Bittersharps, Sweets or Sharps and this is where the science of blending becomes an art.
Where Bittersweets like the Black Dabinett apple are high in tannin and provide the ‘dry’ effect or astringency,
they can be balanced by Sharps like the Browns variety which are high in acidity and give tartness to the blend
and Sweets like the Sops in Wine apple which provide natural sweetness.
A favourite is the Kingston Black, a Bittersharp variety having high acidity and high tannin that some say is the perfect cider apple.

Provenance has inspired our cider making journey

being in Melton Mowbray, ‘Rural Capital of Food’ and home to world-famous Pork Pie and Stilton Cheese, we wanted to produce an elegant cider to match the award-winning local produce. We use heritage apple varieties and let our cider mature for at least 6 months to let the flavours fully develop in order to give our cider genuine quality.
Cidentro cider, just like wine, will have a vintage to distinguish the year in which the apples were harvested. The characteristics of a particular vintage year are mainly determined by the weather conditions throughout the growing season, so each cider’s vintage will be unique. Inspired by tradition and a time when English cider was a distinguished drink we now aim to bring a modern approach to cider for enjoyment in the same way as wine. After all, cider like wine is made from the fermented sugar of pure fruit albeit apples instead of grapes.

At Cidentro Cider House we serve cider differently.

At our cider house we’ve taken a keen interest in the tradition of Wassailing and our top hat full of apples is a nod to a verse in the Wassail song ‘….hats full, caps full, three bushel bags full’. It takes around 14 cider apples to make a 75cl bottle of our cider so quite literally

‘from a hat full of apples comes a cider to celebrate’.

Our Products

We only use 100% pressed juice in our ciders, it’s gluten-free and vegan-friendly.
Sulphites added for freshness. Best served chilled.

Available to order in quarter cases (3 bottles), half cases (6 bottles), full cases (12 bottles) or mixed cases.

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