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TV Channel 4's Sunday Brunch

Cidentro Rosé made a live TV appearance on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch show 30th August 2020!

From live video link in Devon through to the TV studio, Ciderologist - Gabe Cook chose 3 ciders to feature in the popular Food & Drink TV show.

Gabe talked about each of the ciders he'd chosen - Wild Disco by Nightingale Cider, Table Cider by Little Pomona and Rosé Cider by Cidentro. About Cidentro he said: 'This is their rosé style cider from Cidentro who are from Leicestershire. Again not necessarily a classic cider making area but again showcasing how there is this real diversity.'

Gabe told viewers about the new campaign #discover cider which aims to deliver the message of how there's an amazing diversity in styles of cider to be discovered and how there's a cider for everyone!

Tasting in the Sunday Brunch studio were program presenters Tim and Simon, together with their guest star Joel Dommett.

Thanks to Gabe, Tim and Simon for having us on the show, it was tremendous fun and we were truly honoured.

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